Donald Trump elected? So what?

24291424_a2b167c37d_b-2016-11-12-09-57.jpgEverywhere in the media, on TV, and listening to artists, a unique voice echoes: HE WON! so what?
Should we be surprised but this victory, the same as we could ask ourselves why Britain decided to quit Europe, or a Marine Le Pen should reach the Elysée in France?

Obviously, each one will find the good reasons for explaining why a racist, misogynist, and populist is now the most powerful man in the world.
And like everyone, I have my own explanation; whatever it is the good or wrong one, the fact is that I am not the only one to express it, simply because, like many others, I am not the only one to suffer and after all, if I had been in the shoes of an American guy, who can tell I should not have done a similar choice?

For those who know me a bit, of course, it is not true; I should never contribute setting a potential dictator at the head of a country that got The bomb.
Not more than I should never let a dumb burying social laws and welfare on behalf of competitiveness or greatness of a country!

However, like millions of mid-class people across the world – and this does not apply only to politics – what I cannot suffer any more: the contempt of the elite!

Who are those so-called philosophers, who beg for killing thousands of people to establish Their democracy and Their society model in countries they just know from luxury hotels they have been?
Who are those statesmen who impose, against protesting crowd, some laws that make a full-country step back for dozens of years, because their conceit let them believe, facing to the ‘sans-dents’ (without-teeth) Who cannot understand what is good or bad for themselves?
Who are those entrepreneurs who want to rule editorial rooms of the media they purchased, and replace quality by mediocrity?
Who are those managers who stuck the wages of thousands of employees who cannot ends meet at the end of the month, while they build the success of the same people who don’t know what to purchase to pay less taxes?

This Elite has the same name everywhere, intellectuals, media experts and political scientists, top managers and entrepreneurs who – believe they – lead opinion: Arrogant!

And for those who just owe their political culture to the same smug leaders, what is more natural than trusting the first Poujadist guy who can explain that their impoverishment is coming from immigrants, women, Muslims, Jews, gays, or whoever is not like themselves?
From the 30s until nowadays, the song remains the same: the fascist is as guilty as those who triggered this wrath.x

Now they look so clever, while yelling out it is a scandal that a dumb who checkmated their faithful representative!

On the other hand, who can fault someone to strive against waiving his privileges?
Maybe just those who contribute meekly, out of fear, or just with the hope of a better life, to keep the same Elite remaining Elite.

In conclusion, if we want to perpetuate our lifestyle, if we want the real democracy too – not the fake one at the firm’s service – comes back, the Elite must make concessions, being less greedy, and overall, having back humility to LISTEN to the plebeian. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, wisdom can also come from the bottom, even if it does not serve your own interests; it is now time to share!